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Edson Pump Rebuild/Spares Kit - Viton


For Models 217, 220, 254, 256 & 258 Pumps (114V-18-220)

This Spares Kit includes 1) 113V-18 Diaphragm, 2) 160-A-1207V Check Valves and 2) 160-A-1253 Sealing Washers, the replacement elastomer parts for all Edson Models 220 Power Pumps and Models 217, 254, 256 and 258 Manual Pumps. VitonŽ is a DuPont fluoroelastomer with good dynamic strength and excellent heat resistance (400°F/200°C). It is formulated to resist the effects of aromatic hydrocarbons and a variety of very aggressive fuels and chemicals.
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