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Newmar Phase Three PT40CE Battery Charger

3-step, 3-bank 40A 110-230 VAC Phase Three CE Series Battery Charger represents a new phase in charger design and performance, employing "smart" switching circuitry which puts batteries through the optimum three-step charge process, adapts for gel-cell or lead-acid batteries, features precise voltage compensation for varying battery temperature, is rated for continuous duty and is housed in a rugged stainless steel case. Following is brief listing of some of the more important features/options of your Phase Three Charger. * Three step “smart” charging: bulk, absorption, float * Gel cell/lead-acid switch selects optimum charge/float voltages based on battery type * Multiple output banks charge independently based on demand * 115/230V a.c., 50-60 Hz input — can be used anywhere in the world * Current limited — prevents damage in case of overloading * Thermally controlled cooling fan allows continuous operation at full-rated output * High charge voltage time-out circuit prevents overcharge during continuous high amperage demand * Automatic high temperature power reduction * Allows charger output in over-temp conditions at reduced output current without complete shutdown * Optional temperature compensation sensor fine tunes output voltage based on battery temperature * Optional Remote Panel allows remote monitoring of charger phase status and manual re-initialization of charge cycle. * Internal terminals allow installation of optional equalize timer connection. * Use as a power supply without in-line battery * Allows continued use of DC powered electronics (when a.c. is available) in the event that batteries must be taken off-line or removed. * Rugged stainless steel case with optional-use drip shield provided * Ignition protected per USCG CFR 183.410
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