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Code Zero Sail (Almost New)

4.18oz Dacron, Vectran luff tape. Sailmaker measurements are I-55, J-21. Measured as: luff: 52'8", leech: 49'9", foot: 28'2". Profurl swivel is 5" diameter. Includes Wichard NEC2T5CM furler.

The "Code 0" was born in the "Volvo Ocean Race", back when it was still called the "Whitbread Around the World Race". They have characteristics of being an upwind sail, but are typically classified as a downwind sail. Some are built out of nylon, while others use a heavier, plastic-like material. Not knowing really what to call them, they are often referred to as a “Gennaker.”

A "Code 0 "will take you through more wind angles than any other headsail on your boat. Add a modern top-down furler and it’s easier to get up and down than a spinnaker. Racing in light, shifty conditions, it might just be the sail that helps you eke out precious tenths, which turn into minutes or even hours on a long distance race or ocean crosing.

Price: $2,000 OBO